What We Do

Atmo specialises in air quality monitoring and providing valuable data for industry. Our goal is to empower managers in operations and health & safety. We provide data, enabling managers to control their sites effectively and protect staff from exposure to harmful airborne substances.


The Problem

According to the HSE (The Health and Safety Executive):

- There are around 13,000 deaths each year from work-related lung disease and cancer attributed to past exposure, primarily to chemicals and dust at work.

- 1.2 million people who worked during the last year were suffering from an illness they believed was caused or made worse by their work, of which 0.5 million were new conditions that started during the year.

Managers often don’t have the data they need to make good decisions. Atmo opens clients’ eyes to air quality on site and helps implement effective controls, enabling managers to protect their employees.


Why we’re different

Atmo builds IoT sensor mesh systems. This provides our clients with granular data, ideal for industrial applications where sources are concentrated and vary in space and time. We link sources of pollution to levels on site at particular times of day and in certain areas of the site.

Atmo customises solutions to meet our clients’ needs or use standard packages to maximise value for money. To find out more, contact us below via:

We work in many sectors, specialisings in:
  • Aerospace & Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Freight & Logistics
  • Mining
  • Waste Management
Our technology enables us to measure all kinds of airborne contaminants, including but not limited to:
  • diesel particulates
  • hardwood dusts
  • CO and NOx

  • contact: info@atmotech.co.uk ...to find out more
All of our air quality measurements are performed in accordance with HSE directives.


Atmo builds a picture of your workplace, using a combination of consultations, personal monitors and our sensory meshes.

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Using data from the scan we identify high risk areas and times, and send real-time notifications so you are always in control.

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We empower managers by giving them the data required to make good decisions. We can then help implement controls and monitor their effectiveness.

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